Life is movement – but grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull it“.
And with this concept, we come to the core philosophy of osteopathy. Muscle strains, illnesses, stress, a sedentary lifestyle and stagnating inner conflict disturb our natural movement flow and rhythm right down to the cell, and can bring our whole system into imbalance.

margarethOur osteopath Margareth Huber:
„My philosophy is firmly rooted in the present moment and, through the use of osteopathic techniques brings deep relaxation to body and spirit. The healing process in the body can then be stimulated and supported.“

natalina"Osteopathy can help the body to bring itself back into harmony and, at the same time, motivate and support us both in taking joy in our own responsibility for keeping our bodies in good health and finding satisfaction from doing so." - osteopath Natalina Panzica.